Miracles in your life



  • Title:  Miracles in your life
  • Description:  It’s All About Faith Miracles can be openly disproved by anyone. With a lot of logic and science people can come up with coherent explanations for most miracles. This is where faith comes in. Among all religions, Christianity has the most “proof” that miracles are real because the miracles in the Bible were witnessed by so many. If the stories in the bible were not true, then why isn’t there any text from thousands of years ago saying otherwise? The Shroud of Turin, the Ark of the Covenant and even Noah’s ark are some objects that have been lost and found. Regardless of where they are at the moment, it is proven that they did exist. Critics who do not believe in miracles can go on doing so but those who have faith will continue to believe because that is what faith is all about.
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